• A Guestbook, but with a Modern Twist.

    Are you ready to elevate your event with a modern twist, offering your guests a chance to leave personalized voice messages?

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  • Sacred Voices Of Your Loved Ones

    Life is not guaranteed and while we hope the day never comes, we often wish we could hear the voice of a loved one just one more time. With Soulfones, you will be able to listen to the people you love, on demand for years to come and that’s what makes this wedding guestbook so special.

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Soulfones - Ivory Fone + Custom Signage Stand

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Our goal at Soulfones is to provide a unique and fresh way for you and your guests to experience your wedding. Have an event in mind or a question about booking? Contact us below to get the deeeetss and learn more about our packages! We can’t wait to hear about your awesome event and how Soulfones can be a part of it!

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