What Is An Audio Guestbook?

What Is An Audio Guestbook?


Yup, we know. When you first heard of this, you must have thought - what is this old phone? and why is it making a comeback? And at weddings and parties?

We got you. And we understand if you are as curious as u are confused! Let us unpack it for you.

Our audio guestbook is a clever little vintage rotary phone that lets the guests at your event leave authentic, funny, sentimental and heartwarming voicemails or voice messages for you to keep forever! What it does is, it allows you to capture the real voices of the people at your event. 

For example, at a wedding, the mother that leaves a heartfelt message, the cousin that re-tells that funny moments you shared from 10 years ago, the bestfriends that is giving you loads of marriage advice and the grandparents that just wish you well in life. All these precious voicemails are now immortalised forever and they get better and better in time as you listen to them in years to come.


Connect the phone handle to the body and then connect it to the power bank provided. Lift the phone handle and wait until you hear the recorded greetings and a beep. Voice messages will be recorded after the beep. Every single messages is saved as its own individual voicemail and will be transferred and saved in Soulfones's exclusive pendrive and box which will be delivered to you by mail within 2-3 weeks after your event date. Easy peasy!


If you love keeping treasured memories close to your heart like you love scrolling through your wedding photos and videos, chances are you'll love scrolling through your voicemails too. A moment passed by so quickly and this is such a unique way to keep all these memories and voices of the ones matter to you, alive. You get to relive these moments and voices for years to come, and it became even more sacred if these people are no longer with you down the road.

If it isn't your first choice but it is something you're considering due to the current state of the world (how life is so uncertain and wanting to make/keep as many memories you can), remember that there is not many things that you are left with after an event/wedding has ended. All you can remember it is through your photos, videos and now made possible by Soulfones - the voices of the people you love.